Prayer Over A House


A prayer for sanctification, dedication and protection of a house, making it a blessed home.

“Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast” (Isaiah 26:20).

I’ve said a prayer like this one over a house, an elementary school, workplace and church, seeing physical evidence of God’s work, doing all and more than I could imagine. Thank you, Lord.

This prayer is spoken within every room and if applicable over the walk-in basement and attic of the house, speaking with “authority” graciously given in the name of Jesus.

“Father God, I come before you knowing that the blood of Jesus presents me righteous before You. It is in the name of my Savior, Good Shepherd and Lord that I speak sanctification, dedication and protection. Thank you, Lord.

By the blood of Jesus Christ, I bind every evil spirit that is in this room and command them to flee right now and go where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them. I renounce and reject any inch of this house and property that has been yielded or surrendered unto Satan and by faith I take it back and surrender it to the Lord Jesus Christ.

By faith, I claim that this room is covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and no evil spirit can enter it.”

Next, speak the following at front door of the house.

“In the name of Jesus, I dedicate and consecrate this house to my Lord and Satan has no hold on this house, all that is within and the property on which it stands.

I surrender everything in this house to the Lord Jesus Christ and claim it is under His divine protection including all electrical wiring and plumbing.

In the name of Jesus, I bind every evil spirit that is in this house by the precious blood of the Lamb and command them to flee, going where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them.

I claim by faith that everything in this house is covered under the blood of Jesus Christ from the top of the roof to the bottom of the footing and everything in between, especially anything that conducts electricity.

I claim by faith that this house and the property on which it stands is surrounded by a hedge of protection, a wall of fire, a wall of faith, and covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on all sides, above, and below.

Father God, I pray that You send powerful warring angels to protect the Four Corners of this house and property, guarding everyone who lives within.

Thank you Almighty God for the complete victory I already have in Jesus Christ.

I ask that this house be consecrated with Your divine presence so that everyone who enters will be blessed with spiritual blessings from heavenly places as this house is now a home filled with peace and joy of the Spirit.

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth and in this home as it is in heaven.

In Jesus name, Amen.”

Adapted from a prayer by Dr. Preston T. Bailey, Jr.

2 Responses to Prayer Over A House

  1. DJ says:

    “Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers,…. These words are either to be connected with the preceding verse Isaiah 26:19, and considered as a part of the song;

    “my people”, whom I have loved with an everlasting love, chosen to be a special people above all people, made a covenant with them in my Son, and redeemed them by his blood, and called them by my Spirit and grace; “come”, away from the wicked, be separate from them, have no fellowship with them; much the same with that in Revelation 18:4 and referring to the same time, “come out of her, my people”, &c. or “come” to me, who have been the dwelling place of my people in all generations, a strong habitation, to which they may continually resort, Psalm 90:1 or “come” along with me, I will lead you to a place where you may be safe; as he did Noah and his family into the ark, to which there may be an allusion, Genesis 7:1…

    …so it is the safety of God’s people; and there is nothing better for them, in times of trouble, than to commit themselves to God in prayer, and to his divine protection: and it may be that God himself, and the perfections of his nature, are here meant by “chambers”; his name is a strong tower, whither the righteous run and are safe, Proverbs 18:10 and every perfection in him is as a chamber in this tower, where the saints betaking themselves may securely lodge, till the trouble is over; as the everlasting love of God, which changes not, and therefore the sons of Jacob are not consumed;

    the faithfulness of God, in his covenant and promises, which never fails; and his power, in which they are kept, as in a garrison, 1 Peter 1:5 and these chambers may not be unfitly applied to Christ and to his blood and righteousness, who is a hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the storm, a strong hold for prisoners of hope; in whose person are rest, peace, and safety in the midst of trouble; whose righteousness secures from condemnation and wrath; and not good works, as the Targum, which it says will protect in a time of distress; but the righteousness of Christ will, as also his precious blood; which was typified by the blood of the passover lamb, sprinkled on the door posts of the Israelites, whereby they were preserved by the destroying angel; and was signified by the scarlet thread in Rahab’s window, the token by which her house was known, and so all in it saved” (Gills Exposition of the Bible).

    The following is from Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary:

    “When God is about to take vengeance on the ungodly, the saints shall be shut in by Him in a place of safety, as Noah and his family were in the days of the flood (Ge 7:16), and as Israel was commanded not to go out of doors on the night of the slaying of the Egyptian first-born (Ex 12:22, 23; Ps 31:20; 83:3). The saints are calmly and confidently to await the issue (Ex 14:13, 14).”

    Psalm 27


  2. Your prayers are very eloquent. Your knowledge of scripture is always apparent.


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